Near-Infrared Organic Composition Analyzers


  • Instant Measurement – both online, handheld and desktop instruments
  • Non-Contact – handheld and online models – no contamination
  • Non-Destructive – all models – samples can be used for additional assays
  • Moisture Content, Fat Content, Protein Content, Ash Content, Others
  • Coatweight Measurement and Film Thickness Measurement
  • Liquids and Solids may both be  Measured

A Near-Infrared Light Source is reflected off of the liquid or solid sample. The light resonates with the appropriate molecule(s) and a portion of the light is absorbed. The higher the measured component, the higher the amount of absorbed light. After calibration, the composition values can be instantly measured without sample preparation.  Multiple organic components are measured in single test.

Calibrations and calibration points are stored within the analyzers, providing tremendous versatility for the diversified manufacturer. Moisture, protein, fat, cellulose and other organic compounds can be measured.

KJT270F Probe on Fiber Filament

KJT270F – Inline Instant Composition Analyzer
This unique instrument will operate in process mixers, blenders, ovens, fluid and spray dryers, or pneumatic and vacuum transfer lines to provide simultaneous compositional measurements. Can be put in CIP and explosion-proof environments.

Smart sensor design provides for use without need for any PC or controller interface.  Minimal maintenance ensures years of life – even in very stressful process environments.

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Desktop Instant Compostion analyzer - non-destructive, NIR - Kett

KJT270 -Desktop Instant Composition Analyzer
The Desktop model of the KJT270F (above).  In laboratory and near-line applications the KJT270 automatically averages heterogeneous samples and provides the ultimate in accurate composition measurements on any liquid or solid.

The standard by which other desktop analyzers are compared, the KJT270 provides test results as good as your existing lab instruments, without the hassle of chemicals, product preparation or wasted time.

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