Micro Moisture Analyzer


  • Primary Direct Measurement – no Need to Calibrate.
  • Directly Measure Products Containing Multiple Volatiles
  • Moisture Measurement as low as 1 part per million(PPM)Concentrations
  • No Reagents Needed – Simpler and Less Expensive than Karl Fischer (KF) tests
  • Liquids and Solid Measurement

The unique FM300 Micro Moisture Analyzer provides accurate moisture analysis as low as two parts per million (ppm). The selective filtering mechanism separates water molecules from other volatiles providing a direct method of measuring water content in complex products – – without the reagents needed for a Karl Fischer Test.

The liquid or solid sample is placed in a sample tray. One button is pushed to start the automatic test. The sample is weighed by the integrated micro-balance. The sample is then moved into a sealed chamber where heat is applied. The volatiles are driven from the sample. A special carbon filter strips the volatiles while allowing the moisture molecules to be transmitted. The inert carrier gas stream carries these moisture molecules to a second chamber where they are absorbed in a molecular sieve cell. This cell is continuously weighed by the balance. As the moisture is absorbed, the weight increases. This increase in weight (Gain on Drying) is compared with the original mass to provide a direct moisture percentage. Tests are fast, accurate, and automatic.

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