Rice Quality Measurement Instruments

Kett AN900 Rice Quality Analyzer.  Instant, non-destructive rice measurement for rice moisture, rice protein, and rice amylose.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Measurement - both online, handheld and desktop instruments
  • Recognized as Worldwide Standard for Rice Assessment
  • Instruments can be Integrated to Create a Comprehensive Rice Lab
  • Simple to Use with Unsurpassed Reliability and Precision
  • No Reagents Needed - Simpler and Less Expensive than Karl Fischer (KF) tests


Kett has long been recognized as the leader in Rice measurement. We offer many types of measurement instruments that guide the rice from paddy to plate. These instruments include rice moisture analyzers including the Riceter, the world's largest selling moisture analyzer for portable use as well as single kernel grain moisture analyzers, allowing the processor to categorize the distribution of moisture within his process.

We also offer rice quality measurement instruments to determine the percentage of broken, crushed, immature and other substandard rice grains. In addition, we manufacture rice composition analyzers to instantly provide moisture measurement, amylose measurement, and protein measurement within a sample. Tests are fast, accurate, and automatic.

Sample Industries and Applications
Industry Application Description
Rice Harvest Optimize Harvest by Location The OT Rice Harvester automatically calculates temperature hours to allow fields to be individually harvested at the perfect time
Foods Managing Rice Moisture Any application requiring rice moisture or rice composition.  The PQ520 single grain moisture tester provides individual kernel moisture to evaluate quality and homogeneity of each sample
Rice Quality Managing Nutritional Guidelines Quantify Rice Quality and Rice Yields - Simultaneously measure rice moisture, rice protein and rice amylose with no sample alteration in a single 5 second test.
Rice Quality Managing Yiields Automatically grade rice, eliminating variation between graders

Featured Products

RN300 - Automatic Rice Grader
This unique instrument standardizes rice grading. Individual rice kernels are scanned, visible photos digitized and then categorized by preset criteria. Factory calibrations for both brown rice and polished white rice are provided. Customers can modify selection characteristics if desired.

The compact measurement station can be taken to supplier or customer locations so that tests can be easily replicated and supply channel quality specifications developed and maintained.

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Riceter - Handheld Rice Moisture Meter
The Riceter is the world's largest selling moisture meter. Originally developed in the 1950's, the latest versions will test rice using both JIS and USDA rice moisture measurement criteria. Some versions have calibrations for testing other small seed crops like wheat and barley.

The compact Riceter is battery powered and includes a leather carrying case that can be attached to your belt for simplified field testing.

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