Agricultural Grain and Seed Moisture Meters

New Kett PQ520 Single Kernel Moisture Meter provides a full histogram of moisture distribution in a sample or batch.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Measurement
  • Pre-Calibrated Systems
  • Non-Destructive and Non-Invasive
  • Durable Construction and Ergonomic Design
  • Online moisture measurement, handheld and desktop instruments
  • Non-Contact Moisture Meters no contamination


From the field to the grain elevator and processor, we offer measurement solutions.  Kett's roots are in the grain industry, starting with handheld rice and grain analyzers that were developed in the 1940's. Numerous handheld, desktop and on-line analyzers are available for both specific grain products and generic testing. All systems include a three-year warranty.

Sample Industries and Applications
Industry Application Description
Farming Field Moisture Instant portable test for wheat, oats, rice, soy and many other grains and seeds
Agriculture Grain Elevator Single Grain Analyzers provide a complete statistical description of grain samples
Agribusiness Various Process Points Grain Sorters for quick and accurate quality assessment

Featured Products

PM650 - Advanced Portable Seed Moisture and Grain Moisture Meter
The latest release after 65 years of manufacturing handheld moisture analyzers for grain, seed, and other agricultural needs, the PM650 provides non-destructive moisture measurement in less than 10 seconds with no sample preparation.  Battery powered, the PM650 can be used in the field to optimize harvest, at auctions to assess product quality, and in the receiving area to ensure supplier compliance...before introducing the product into your facility. Simply select the product on the large LCD, pour the grain or seed into the top opening and the moisture value is immediately displayed.  Over 150 calibrations are included with the PM650.  If a custom calibration is needed, contact us!

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PQ520 - Single Kernel Grain Moisture Tester
PQ520 tests each grain kernel for moisture content. Factory calibrations are provided for rice moisture, wheat moisture, and barley moisture. A histogram showing the distribution of moisture content within the sample is automatically produced so that immediate decisions can be made regarding product quality, homogeneity and process optimization.

Optional printer and the ability to test 1000 kernels in less than 5 minutes provides any company interested in harvest or processing quality the ability to get fast, accurate, documented results.

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