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Or maybe we should say "yesterday" ... We provide instant moisture meters, Organic Composition Analyzers (Fat/Oil, Protein, Ash, BTU, Bulk Density, Coatweight.) Instant Coating Thickness testing, and unsurpassed Friction Measurement, Wear Testing, Peel tests, Adhesion Tests and other Physical Property Testing - With Simple, Elegant, Durable Instruments.
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Welcome to Kett

If you've tried to find measurement instruments that are reliable enough to bet your professional reputation as well as the quality level of your company - - you've probably been disappointed. We're glad you found us! We design and manufacture all of our instruments ensuring durability, accuracy and user ergonomics - over 65 years of experience let us know what will work - for you and for reliability. We manufacture over 200 instruments covering almost any process industry.. View More »

About us

Kett was created in 1946 by four engineers wanting to provide accurate laboratory-quality moisture measurement gauges that were simple enough for anyone to use yet durable enough to be used for decades in field applications - - yes, we still service instruments that are over 40 years old. View More »

What Do We Do

Optimize Profits - Kett helps clients optimize efficiency and profitability

Help our clients immediately optimize their efficiency and profitability.
Upgrading test instrumentation to Kett provides instant improvement in product quality, reduces waste and optimal energy usage in production. More »

About Our Offer to You

We work with you.  We provide no-risk total care packages to help you feel confident our recommended solution will work

No-Risk Total Care Packages.
In many cases we will provide a written performance guarantee - if we don't meet your expectations, you don't pay. More »


New Products !!!
Two Instant Moisture Meters Introduced

The PM450 and PM650 replace the portable PM400 and PM600, providing improved versatility, stability and customization. Press Release here!

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