Whiteness Meters and Colorimeters
Rice and Powders

Kett Online Whiteness Meter.  Used for the evaluation of whiteness or product purity

Key Benefits

  • Instant Measurement - both online and desktop instruments
  • Fast Accurate Measurements
  • Simple Operation - no sample preparation needed
  • Non-Destructive - all models - samples can be used for additional assays
  • Durable design for the desktop and online/inline applications


Kett manufactures two colorimeters directed toward the rice milling and powder industry. The C100 is the worldwide standard for the evaluation of rice flour purity and the C600 is used for whole grain evaluation. Using the principle of reflective light, measurements can be completed in less than five seconds. The powder or grain is placed into a small sampling cup. The cup is placed into the unit and light is reflected through the appropriate filter. Color standards are provided to eliminate instrument drift. Both models include a one-year warranty.

Sample Industries and Applications
Industry Application Description
Agriculture Rice Flour and Kernels Color and Purity Assessment in less than two seconds
Food Wild Rice Blending Operation Verification - Blend Uniformity
Chemicals Powder Coating Powder Color Comparison

Featured Products

C600 - Rice Whiteness Tester
The C600 is a new instrument which replaces the C300. For many years, the C300 has been recognized as the worldwide standard for whiteness assessment in rice. Whiteness can be used as a measure of the amount of rice milling and rice purity to optimize the milling and formulation process. Through the advanced design of the C600, tests are faster and more precise (repeatable). The C600 requires a much smaller footprint, lower energy consumption and minimal maintenance. It provides years of consistent measurement and is so simple to use, anyone can achieve laboratory quality measurements in less than 2 seconds. Simply place the rice in the sample cell, place the cell into the C600 and the value is displayed on the large LED. Includes an optical standard to check the C600 and automatically adjust for changes in ambient environment, light source output, and instrument. Download Brochure

C130 -Desktop Instant Powder Whitness and Purity Meter
The C130 has replaced the industry standard C100. The C130 provides instant, non-destructive whiteness measurement of powders. Primary applications are rice flour whiteness (purity), starch whiteness, sugar whiteness and salt whiteness. To conduct a test, simply fill the sample cup, place the sample into the C130 and the results are immediately displayed.

Includes a factory optical standard to insure long-term stability. The integrated error processing automatically notifies the operator when the standard needs to be used. Also includes data output, automatic averaging and an improved design for enhanced precision. Download Brochure